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11 October — 12 October
Spotlight on:
  • 26/09/2014 — 02/11/2014

    The SPACE

    Dan Bass: Work is informed by the artist's research on Robert Tressell, a resident of Hastings & Leonards. Tressell's fame as a social activist, author & sign painter has inspired Bass's temporary installations which combine sculpture & photography. [...]
  • 27/09/2014 — 26/10/2014

    Electro Studios Project Space ESPS

    An exhibition by Belgian artist Johan Muyle presenting photographs, sculpture & motorised objects. His work is characterised by dialogue & unique interconnections where visual & formal paradoxes are the stimulus for a critical reading of culture & so[...]
  • 26/09/2014 — 19/10/2014


    LIMBO is pleased to present a new exhibition by London-based artist Philomene Pirecki. Pirecki works across painting, photography, drawing, projected image, sculpture and language. She is interested in attempts to materialise mutable experience[...]
  • 11/10/2014 — 11/01/2015

    Turner Contemporary

    William Morris returns from the dead, a hen harrier seeks revenge on a Range Rover, and Jersey’s capital St Helier burns as Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller conjures his ‘English Magic’ in Margate. From Neolithic hand axes, through [...]
  • 04/10/2014 — 02/11/2014

    Lombard Street Gallery

    As part of our support for Pushing Print we are hosting Solo Show Prize Winner 2013, Sarah Gillett, who will be exhibiting new work made for this exhibition. Unstuck in time, a strange collection of objects, drawings and prints warns of events lon[...]
  • 10/10/2014 — 11/01/2015


    Crate Studios & Project Space is delighted to announce the opening of a collaborative show of new works by Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge. Taking elements from Deller’s ‘English Magic’ exhibition, ‘English Magic Re-Mix’ is a selecti[...]
  • 04/10/2014 — 14/10/2014

    Pie Factory Margate

    Founded in 2009 Pushing Print has grown to become an annual festival of printmaking attracting artists from around the world via it’s open submission exhibition and creating exciting and diverse printmaking events, talks and workshops. To celebrate[...]
SECAM Weekenders

Every month for one weekend we feature a different ‘hub location’ along the South East Coast. This means that you will be sure to find most galleries and studios open with events and performances along the way! It’s great to use these weekends as a guide to head to the coast as you will find lots on (we’ve planned it that way). Print out the listings so you know what’s on when, and enjoy exploring whether your first or fifth time, there is always more to see.

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