Magazine: Issue No. 7 - Margate
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Dreamland - Bits and Bytes:
Dreamland - Bits and Bytes
Saturday 20th Feb

As Margate continues to grow as a cultural and creative hub, there is one main attraction that serves as a beacon for many visitors. After opening last year, Dreamland is an ever-expanding showcase of innovative works by artists and performers in amongst its sky-high amusement rides.

There are an abundance of exciting events happening in the upcoming months, Bits and Bytes being one of them. Dreamland and GEEK have joined forced to create something exciting for all of the gamers out there. As a showcase of how perfectly the worlds of gaming and creativity collide, Bits and Bytes celebrates the relationships between video gaming, cosplay and interactive art. Appearances on the day include Great Kentspectations, The Micro Museum and Pleo (artificial intelligence baby robotic dinosaur). You can also get involved in some physical playtime with a selection of consoles from retro to current.

Dreamland - 49-51 Marine Terrace
Margate, Kent, CT9 1XJ

Turner Contemporary - Joachim Koester: The Other Side of the Sky:

The Turner Contemporary plays host to an exciting new exhibition from Joachim Koester. The Other Side of the Sky is a film commission that is part of the artist's latest exhibition. Alongside selected watercolours by JMW Turner, the artist plays with differing narratives, through 16mm film, in order to explore and partake in a journey to different times, places and states of consciousness.

This is exciting news, as you can see just how Koester is inspired by the works of JMW Turner, as well as getting the chance to view his film that has been set up alongside a number of carefully selected watercolour paintings by Turner himself.

“Just strolling through the spaces might be enough for a visitor to get a sense of what is going on. I call this ‘inhaling the show’ – perceiving it through the body. There is also another, conceptual landscape to be discovered...”
– Joachim Koester

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