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Arch 3, Braybrooke Terrace,

Hastings, TN34 1TD

01424 423 555

Project Art Works

Based in Hastings, Project Art Works is the UK’s leading artist led organisation working with people with profound intellectual impairment and complex needs.

The people who have shaped the organisation share a purpose, which is not to do ‘good works’ but to pursue a vital enquiry: to find out what someone is capable of and to explore with them the possibilities of art through collaborations that foster choice, subjective preference, intuition and non-verbal interaction.

In a social and political landscape that is constantly shifting, our work seeks to address areas of need as they occur. Our artistic approach is as much about our ability to affect positive change in society as it is to produce artefacts. This is infinitely interesting territory. It holds our attention and propels us continually to shape new approaches to art and collaboration.

Opening Times: see website


Image Credit: Courtesy of Project Art Works

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